The Eperience

My overall experience has been a great one.

I have traveled through and experience the wonderful structure that is Ireland. This Ireland is a mainland in itself. I

I have wept tears for the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For their culture, and occasionally their ignorance. 

 have looked dumbfounded at accents and have smiled when I’ve given up on understanding. I have made my face and my work known and have met great novelist that see me in their place someday. I have walked the path of ancient giants and visited standing castles. I have embraced in the culture that is Ireland. I have made this place home. 


My workshop was great

My instructor continues to exceed my expectations as I continue through the workshop of writing for young children. I have come up with anything from small pieces of writing to whole story ideas just by listening to her instruction. She has been a great inspiration and I know Thursday’s workshop will blow me away and inspire me alltogether.

Exceeded my expectations

I didn’t know what to expect going into this event, so I chose to dive head first into everything. I am thankful that I had. Day 1 was amazing. I can almost not put my amazement into words. I went to a beautiful story telling and poetry readings by some amazing award winning artist. My workshop wasn’t my first pick, but I chose not to be disappointed. as I sat through, I understood that my instructor had much to teach me about the world of writing for any age group as her writings expanded over many. I can’t wait to return. I would encourage everyone to attend as many of these events as possible as they wont be repeated. Not like this.

My grass is green

I feel like i have a better understanding of the history and culture of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I have experienced more than any history book could have taught me. As I dove more into the history I see a people not unlike  those in Baltimore. The struggle of one group defending itself against another. The pride in a culture that they will never let die. Through the good and the bad, the grass will always grow green.

Nathaniel was great

I named my main character before I knew of him, but I have a better understanding of character building after the sessions. He offered great insight to developing and getting to know my characters from the bottom up. Only downside is there wasn’t enough time to thoroughly discuss everyones work.

The Audience Awaits

The audience plays a large part in the deliverance of my work. Their expressions to my work as I am reading tells me various thing. If I reading clearly, or if they can hear me properly. If I review in front of a test audience, their feedback helps me see how what I write is interpreted, and lets me know if i need to be any clearer with my writing and presenting. The success and the clarity of my writing performed in front of a live audience is determined by the level of ovation at the end.

Rose Blossoms

Of all the characters, My favorite was Rose from Dancing at Lughnasa. She was misunderstood, and no one realized her true potential until she broke free from the reins of her overbearing siblings. She wasn’t like anyone else, but didn’t care to be. She enjoyed herself for who she was and she ended up being very proud of it even though her sisters weren’t. The transformation in her play of self reliance wasn’t something I had seen coming. I was certain it would end badly for her, just as her sisters did, but it didn’t.

The Great City of Belfast

Belfast Is an amazing city full of like and culture. 

The Graffiti walls of Belfast are amazing. They don’t stand out as acts of vandalism, but as cultural murals around the city. 

I took a visit for the giants causeway and discovered the meaning behind its true name. Then I learned what had really happened. 

Going up the coast was a beautiful sight. I  couldn’t take enough pictures to do it justice. 

Walking onto the site of a Game of Thrones scene was cool. I don’t watch the tv show, but the Dark hendes seemed almost magical

The Dude

I took a trip to the Giant’s Causeway and talked to a local worker.

Name: The Dude

Physical: Thick build, 5ft 6in, short black hair, green eyes. 

Age: 35

personality: quirky, jokester, silly. Animal lover.

EDU: Trinity College – History 

Occupation: Causeway guide and rescue

Status: Single

Children: None

Fun on a Saturday night: Irish Trivia team in a bar

Knowledgable about myths and super excited to tell anyone who asks 

world view: Spiritualistic nature views

Who stole the horse I stole

In the Front page of The Sunday Times on June 10th the headline reads “Console inquiry into director’s stolen horse” I thought with everything going on around the world, the cover would be more colorful, but this seemed to be it. While Former director Patricia Kelly is under investigation for allegedly using charity funds to buy her daughter a horse, fake investigators came in and stole the horse. They knew everything to ask for including the passport for the animal. Whether she was in on this to get rid of any evidence or it was a clever heist is still unknown.