Character Plot: Adrien

Adrien Loyes is your average 15 year old small-town douche bag. When he’s not slumped on the couch of his grandmother’s trailer, he’s in detention. He’s always looking for a cheap laugh, and he’s in love with a girl that is way out of his league (Michelle). Adrien also lives in the shadow of his older sister, Carmen, who teaches at a local university and does volunteer work at the church. But one thing that makes him stand out from the rest of his classmates is that he’s the town’s biggest weed dealer. Through his pot delivery endeavors, he bumps into classmates, sells to their parents, and even a few teachers. Through his taboo career choice he learns more about the world than any schoolbook could teach him. One person who impacts his life the most is his high school janitor, Luke, who smokes weed to alleviate the pain and nausea from chemotherapy. As the school year winds down, Adrien begins to think about his life in a more serious manner and thinks about whether its worth it or not to continue his studies. He makes so much money selling pot that he wonders if putting himself in debt for college in the future is really worth the hassle. But when Luke dies, Adrien realizes how much Luke missed out on life by leaving high school, and decides to continue going to school in order to accomplish everything Luke wasn’t able to do.


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