Classes with Nathaniel

Something that Nathaniel’s workshop drove home to me was that I need to constantly ask myself why. Par exemple:

This character loves to start fights.

Yeah, but why?

Because it’s the only way she gets attention.

Yeah, but why?

Because she was neglected as a child.

Yeah, but why?

Because her parents weren’t prepared for parenthood.

Yeah, but why?

Because they come from an economic class that attracts the scorn of the bourgeoisie, who, instead of investing in a fair distribution of wealth, starves the working classes of access to resources and education that may have in turn provided them with the means to an economically stable life suitable for child-rearing/ seize the means of production, topple dated monarchies, long live communism.

And now not only do I have the bones of a strong character, I also have an underlying theme for my story. But in all seriousness, having Nathaniel in class this week was extremely helpful to me, and I think for many of the students. After thinking about the same stories for a few weeks now, creating another character (or another story behind the stories we’re writing) was refreshing. I felt like my brain had been taken into the shop for an oil change.


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