JHISS-show experience

Acting in the show was an awesome experience. I was nervously excited to perform as a reader/actor. I am glad I got the chance to do this. I would say it’s been a growth. The crowd was great and they seemed to enjoy our acting and our plays. I can’t help but feel relieved. My character, the old soldier was a trip to play and I heard people laugh, which made me feel like we were connecting with our audience. Marion and Sam, I owe some of that to you. Thanks girls!

It was a great opportunity to play and sing my song to see if an audience liked it.  The song was a response to John O’Connor’s story about giving a locket to his first and only love. Then wondering if she ever thought of him. He never found another woman he loved.

Then to find out that Fionnuala Gough his niece was there at the show was over-whelming. She was so kind and said the song moved her. She said there are more stories that O’Connor wrote around this time about that Christmas and she’s going to get them to me.  I made a friend and that is awesome!

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my poetry class. The teacher is inspiring us with more techniques to get us writing. 

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