Belfast Photo & Reaction(s)

Oh Belfast. I love you Belfast. This was my third trip to Belfast, and somehow each trip had its similarities, but was also vastly different from the one before. First, I was with Lexi, Second I was with Jen, and third, I was with everyone.


  1. The bus schedules, numbers and stations still confused us:IMG_2484
  2. Strangers were still waving brochures for different trips and outings
  3. Lexi and I STILL managed to have to spend hours waiting in the bus station café


  1. We stayed in a hostile. My first trip was simply for the day, and my second was in the worlds greatest AirBnB (@paul)
  2. For the first time we stayed in a mixed gender room, and with people outside of our program.
  3. Kerrin was our navigator, and not Malachi

Our hostel seemed a little rough around the edges but it had a bed, pillow and blanket so for that I was grateful. Turns out the man on the bunk below me, Francis, was completing a masters degree in Creative writing and knew all about the Hewitt Festival-talk about a small world.

Thank goodness I sleep like a hibernating bear because I slept like a princess despite the loud people outside our window. Refreshed and ready to tackle our day we set out for breakfast, permanent ink and pokemon (sorry Lexi). We got coffee, eggs and co. at Maggie Mayes where Jen and Kerrin rapped Nicki Minaj while Marian uncomfortably sat in between, and every second of it was perfection. Let’s be real, no pics no vids NO PROOF: .

We all met at Addinktion at noon and most of us stayed until about 6p; needless to say we made great friends with the artists. All in all it was an amazing experience to be able to share with everyone. I look at tattooing as taking back a part of yourself – whether it be a symbol for a loved one, or a reflection of a past life/experience they all symbolize taking a step forward for yourself, which in my opinion sometimes lacks in our day to day lives.Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.56.16 PM

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