JHISS events are inspiring 

The events are varied at the JHISS. I’ve attended Jo Baker’s Fiction reading of A Country Road; and purchased Longbourne. I want to go back to her first hit, so to speak. Her second A Country Road is about Samuel Beckett’s time trapped in France during the Second World War. That sounded interesting too. It’s about hardship of not having enough to eat and having to be on the run from Nazi’s. A good read was given, that made me want to buy her books. 

I went to Sinead Morrissey’s & Sarah Howe’s poetry readings. Sarah’s was about finding her Chinese mother’s roots. She is half Chinese and her mother was abandoned by her mother. It was sad and heart wrenching. 

Then Sinead’s poems were comedic yet serious at the same time. Her humor and sharp tongue were amazing. She read about the building of the titanic and it’s birthing. It was never Christened. I didn’t know that. Sinead can read so many lines by memory and in the same breath it’s amazing to hear and watch her. Lastly, All for the Dead Man’s Penny was a musically acted adventure through time in two time periods and two stories. It was amazing how the Actor/Poet made the two stories work together towards ending at the same time. Even though they were two separate stories, one about a King and Queen of the Island of Lonliness and the other story about here Grandfather and Grandmother. A true story of her Catholic Grandfather receiving the Dead Man’s Penny. During Dean Man’s Penny a violin accompanist was used for seguey’s, breaks and leading into new parts. 

Tonight I went to see the Music Act of Duke Special; a pianist that writes not only music but musical theatre pieces. He’s very casual and down to earth. I enjoyed his Music from a bygone era, brought back to life. Part Billy Joel, part Scott Joplin-Ragtime was the feeling I got listening to his music. I enjoyed him. 

There were more shows I saw and none disappointed me. Totally amazing reads and I’m so much more into the Irish Art’s now, than I was before I came. My husband and I are talking about coming here, but with my entourage I don’t know if it will be possible. I’m going to miss Armagh. 😦  the week is flying.  The JHISS is a great venue.

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