Favorite Character

Every since we read The Wake and saw the performance at the Abbey Theatre, I can’t seem to get Vera out of my mind. Before seeing the live performance, I had the preconceived notion that Vera was a misunderstood, promiscuous, struggling woman. Although she could easily have been perceived as crazy, she stood out more to me as a “real”.

Everything from Vera’s decisions, to her diction, to her interaction with the other characters: she displayed an element of surprise and the general curiosity of human nature, yet she knew the consequences of her actions and went with them. She was generous to others, but not always to herself.

I think we all have a little Vera in us, if I must admit. We all have that desire to stray from what we know and go after the seemingly unachievable. Even if it means we have to act on impulse and  forgo the opinions of others.


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