You know I give you Life : the Rehearsal Process. 

Overall, the rehearsal process has been a little tiring but it’s necessary. Although tiring, rehearsal is the final step in the finish product. A creative work had stages before it is birthed- so to speak. From editing and revising, rehearsal includes it all. During the process, I have regconized errors in my work that I needed to fix. Rehearsals have also made me think of how I would like to read my story and why exactly I want the audience to take from tones I use and the life I breath into it. My story is like a character itself because the way I read it will give ppl more insight of what I want to say. If I stood dully, reading my message wouldn’t be conveyed. However practicing reading and practicing voice and tone breathes life into my story. Rehearsing for plays is always fun and tiring because you make yourself into a completely different person and hearing yourself become that person is interesting. Also, it’s fun to be apart of another person’s work because now I am helping to breath life into another body of work. 

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