The End

Every story has its ending. 

I wish it didn’t have to end, though. Being in Ireland has really opened up my mind and has given me this desire to travel and learn new cultures. 

I loved being in the Armagh Project. I want to come back next year. (@Kim @Terri: how do I make this happen?)

I can honestly say that this experience has really changed me as a person in the best way. It’s given my confidence, yet humbled me. It’s given me new friends and appreciation for my old ones. I really like the Grace that is leaving Ireland. 

I’m sad to leave, but exited to take what I learned with me!

Reflections of Month

  Where do I begin, or END as the month comes to close?

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The beauty of Ireland and our home Armagh around us, is difficult to leave. The people here in Ireland, so welcoming. The food (I gained 5 pds) TASTY and FRESH!

The lessons learned in writing were valuable and I will be using them for ever more. Nessa was amazing, in spotting just a word here or tweak to make your poem work and sound better. Her list making and editing will definitely help my works.


The Eperience

My overall experience has been a great one.

I have traveled through and experience the wonderful structure that is Ireland. This Ireland is a mainland in itself. I

I have wept tears for the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For their culture, and occasionally their ignorance. 

 have looked dumbfounded at accents and have smiled when I’ve given up on understanding. I have made my face and my work known and have met great novelist that see me in their place someday. I have walked the path of ancient giants and visited standing castles. I have embraced in the culture that is Ireland. I have made this place home. 

Late: Audience

It is, in most cases, in my opinion, important to write for your audience. It should be done at least to avoid offending your audience unintentionally. The amount of research on your audience that should be done, depends on what you are presenting. Play writing  for a culture you are not a part of should involve a bit of simple research but, overall, I feel that it should be easy to please the audience and make sure the performance is a good time.

Late: Belfast Character

Maria –

Queen Maria is 33 years old and has created the beginnings of a bath bomb empire. Her idea of having darker, gothic bath bombs, in contrast to LUSH’s cutesy floral bath bombs, is so unique. Her business has only begun in January and only uses Instagram for marketing and is taking off quickly. While we were there, their website was updated with new product and within the first 20 minutes of the product restock, 3,000 orders had already been placed! She is such a proud lady and I hope for all the best! Big things are coming her way!

Captain’s Log: Reflections on a Successful Voyage

This month has been, if nothing, a success. There are things I did not manage to accomplish like visiting Derry, Knowth, Sweeney’s. I didn’t work on the novel I have been considering, I didn’t write a play inspired by Irish history. However, I have succeeded in making connections in a vast community of writers. I have written a play I will probably expand. I have become more aware of worldly events; Brexit, the dynamics of Northern Ireland and the Republic. I’ve seen Francis Bacon’s workshop; I’ve walked the path of the 1916 Rising. For all the things I haven’t done I am grateful for all that I had the opportunity to do.  There is much more to write but I am overwhelmed. Forgive my brevity.

Out and About

Before leaving I have heard everyone saying “studying abroad changes you,” which was surprising and after some time while here it hit me that maybe something has changed. I have tried very hard to improve my writing and my public speaking, after a month here I can officially cross that off my list. I can also cross Ireland off my bucket list, but I’m going to need to come back. I’ve learned a lot about the culture and about the people here. I have been brought to tears over their stories and anger because of the divide that is found here. I have thoroughly felt every emotion being here for a month. But, overall Joy because of having great friends and new people around.