Alana is the main character of a screen play I’ve been saying I’m going to write for about three years now. The premise is the set of a show akin to Bad Girl’s Club (where extremely aggressive partier-type women live in a house together and fight each other for entertainment). Only the cast slowly discovers that the show is fake and it’s actually a trap for them to be sacrificed to some ancient Eldritch horror. The cast must ban together to defeat the evil and escape the house.

-Alana is twenty at the time of the show.

-Born in a small town outside Frederick, MD. Raised in a trailer park.

-She was raised primarily by her grandmother, but when she passed away Alana’s main caretaker became her mother, who was never interested in being a parent.

-Alana begins to learn that acting out and throwing tantrums is the best way to get attention from adults, even if it’s negative.

-Her behavior begins to attract attention from her peers. Their favorite insults for her were “crazy” and “trashy”.

-Alana, instead of relenting, develops an iron-clad me vs. the world mentality. She can only believe that she’s right, spends a lot of time affirming herself and her wild behavior. It boosts her self-esteem, but she doesn’t like working with other people or even being around them for too long a time.

-After a string of food service jobs that inevitably end with her being fired, Alana finds a casting call on Craiglist for a new reality show about “ladies who don’t take any bullshit and aren’t afraid to keep it real.” Each contestant will stay in a lavish mansion in Hollywood and be treated to a life of luxury until they’re voted out of the house by other contestants. The whole house is their domain except for the basement. They will be filmed by hidden cameras.

-Alana sees this as an opportunity where her personality can be used to her benefit instead of her detriment. She signs up and the audition is surprisingly easy.

-She moves into the house and her antics adhere to the producers’ expectations exactly. She starts fights, makes manipulative alliances, etc. When girl gets kicked out of the house, her belongings are found strewn across the mansion driveway, but no one knows what happened to the girl. In fact, all the ejected contestants seem to completely disappear.

-After a particularly bad night, Alana goes into the confessional booth to rant and rave. She’s had a row with another contestant who said some things that Alana couldn’t brush off, probably because they were true. She bangs on the wall in frustration and the camera falls out of the wall. She sees that it’s not attached to anything.

-Curious, she goes into the basement, the only locked door in the mansion. She finds a dungeon with ritualist paraphenalia. Something inside the earth growls.

-Alana immediately goes to her room and begins packing. She plans on escaping on her own, but one of the roommates, the same girl she fought with earlier, enters and sees that she’s extremely disturbed. Alana admits what she’s found, and the two of them decide to gather the other contestants and defend themselves.

-The jig is up, and hooded figures bombard the house in an attempt to subdue them. Alana asks why they’re doing this to them, and one responds that they’re easy sacrifices because no one cares about them, and no one will come looking for them.

-The girls band together with beer bottles, knives from the kitchen, and a light/hairspray impromptu flamethrower, and fight their way out of the mansion. Alana learns to create bonds with other people, especially the other girls who have a similar life story. Alana becomes the person she needed when she was younger.

Comments: Needs a more solid “why”. Possible motivation for preying on the girls: organ harvesting.

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