Casting for History of the Troubles Accordin’ to my Da

When we return to Armagh on Wednesday evening, we’ll read Martin Lynch’s hilarious and sometimes heart-wrenching tragicomedy, The History of the Troubles Accordin’ to My Da, before we meet the playwright in Belfast. The play is posted in Dropbox.

When the play was first produced, THREE actors performed all the roles. We’ll double cast some smaller roles; hopefully we haven’t double cast anyone in the same scene. Please read before. Casting below:

  • Gerry = Montez
  • Fireball = Sam
  • Seamus = Grace
  • Derek = Marian
  • Andy = Jen
  • Eugene = Ellie
  • Felix = Lexi
  • Maggie, Delorean = Brandy
  • Benny, taxi driver, Colm’s mate = Alex
  • Civil Servant, Jack Lynch, Vinty = Kerrin
  • Eleanor, Mr. Bryans, barman = Rayne
  • Community Worker, Mr. Carson, Countryman, Goon, warder = Kimberley
  • Young Carson, Colm = Amber
  • Stage directions, news research, reporter = Terri

Enjoy. I can’t wait to hear it out loud again and with your voices this go round. We will giggle. I promise.


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