Welcome to Armagh Project 2016!

Storytelling is one of the most fundamental of human activities, extending from Iron Age sages recounting the history of their tribes to Medieval bards retelling heroic tales to contemporary journalists reporting news. In Armagh, a city where ancient and modern Ireland converge, students will join in a rich tradition of study and storytelling as they explore the historical heartland of Ireland.

The Armagh Project allows students to explore Northern Ireland through the storytelling lens that fits them best: playwriting, creative writing or journalism. Students enroll in a specific residency where they learn and practice the professional skills in their chose field while sharing with each other a contextual platform of excursions, readings, class activities, and guest speakers.

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Armagh Project 2016 is partially funded by the University of Baltimore Foundation, the Helen P. Denit Honors program, the UB Student Government Association, Maryland Irish Charities, and Spotlight UB.