Character Story – Jenny Brightman (Jennny B)

Jenny grew up in the big city of Toronto, Canada. She was raised as an only child by her single mother, May. Jenny has very vague memories of her father, but knows that the relationship between him and her mother is very tense.

Jenny has always been a bit of a trouble maker. In 6th grade, she got suspended for smoking a cigarette in the school bathroom. At fourteen, she got her first tattoo, a small star on her left ankle. It was done by a man she met at the bus stop.

Jenny works as a waitress at a breakfast diner. In her free time, she rents roller skates from a nearby shop and skates around the city. People often watch in entertainment when Jenny is out roller skating – her striking blonde hair and ice blue eyes, combined with her extraordinary speed and talent make her stand out. She joined a roller derby club at 19 after seeing an advertisement in the Toronto Star paper, and quickly became the best bi-weekly roller derby competitor.

She enjoys the attention of the community, especially that of boys. She dated regularly in high-school and earned a reputation as “easy Jenny”, for she would willingly perform sexual favours for boys. Her first serious relationship was with a skate boarded named Owen. They dated for a year and a half before Owen called it off. He accused Jenny of being too “flirtatious” with other men.

Presently, Jenny is single. She enjoys going out and meeting men, along with having sex. She isn’t particularly safe in her sexual endeavours, and recently went to the doctors for her second case of chlamydia. She still lives at home with May, but never tells her mother about her health complications.

Her current worldview is that in order to please yourself you must first please others, but this view has been skewed by her interactions with men. She has developed the mentality that she must be promiscuous in order be loved, and so far, has failed in her attempt to find a meaningful relationship. Her roller-derby competitions remain her escape.


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