Late: Rehersal

Now that we are actually practicing our work, I’m starting to get nervous! Nervous only for other’s reactions, but mainly excited to perform with my friends. It feels so great to act out different characters and understand the character from the writer’s perspective. As we reach each step in the creative process from beginning our scripts to rehearsal, I have been enjoying each step better than the last!

Late: Nathaniel

I absolutely enjoyed working with Nathaniel in the characterization workshop! Making believable characters is my favorite part of creating a story so I appreciated his input on how to do so. He also pointed out to me that having the psych background would be helpful and so far it has been! He’s also a great bar conversationalist.

Late: Audience

It is, in most cases, in my opinion, important to write for your audience. It should be done at least to avoid offending your audience unintentionally. The amount of research on your audience that should be done, depends on what you are presenting. Play writing  for a culture you are not a part of should involve a bit of simple research but, overall, I feel that it should be easy to please the audience and make sure the performance is a good time.

Late: Belfast Character

Maria –

Queen Maria is 33 years old and has created the beginnings of a bath bomb empire. Her idea of having darker, gothic bath bombs, in contrast to LUSH’s cutesy floral bath bombs, is so unique. Her business has only begun in January and only uses Instagram for marketing and is taking off quickly. While we were there, their website was updated with new product and within the first 20 minutes of the product restock, 3,000 orders had already been placed! She is such a proud lady and I hope for all the best! Big things are coming her way!

International SuperStar

I absolutely LOVED sharing our work with Armagh at JHISS! Of course I was super nervous for the reaction to my play because I just wanted people to laugh. I heard some chuckles and was comforted by an audience member, who also happens to be at the hostel, by saying that people silently nodded in appreciation. I felt so proud of all of us and our performances of everyone’s work! 10/10 Would do it again ❤

It’s not a phase Mom!

A Story of Sisterhood – By: Grace Perotta, and Marian de Almeida

Starring: Sabrina (AKA Caramel Chew Chew) and Emma

Sabrina is sent to a conference in Barcelona for work. Emma was going to run away with money from her parents and chose Barcelona because she watched Cheetah Girls II the weekend before. Emma wanted to leave home because her mom was totally unfair and wouldn’t let her go on a date. The girls meet on the plane while sitting next to each other. Sabrina was wearing leopard print, Emma complimented it thinking it was Cheetah Girls merchandise. Emma follows Sabrina around while vlogging for her YouTube channel until she strikes a deal with Sabrina to walk Lola and be her “assistant” during the trip. Bond over second hand knock off fashion. Montage of dressing rooms, Lola trying on clothes, and frozen yogurt. Sabrina falls in love with a flamboyantly gay hairdresser and is clueless to the lost love. Emma is reminded of her older sister through Sabrina and misses her sister. Emma has no money to get home. Enter the hotel karaoke night as sisters to win the money back for Emma to get home. Don’t win, but the gay hairdresser raised the money through his rich husband and donations at the salon.