And so I have written …

All good things must end or after a while they would no longer be good. 

Furthermore, with every end is a new beginning. This chapter of this book has not ended, just made room for something new. I feel this way with what I am taking back from Armagh and how I have grown from the experience. I look back, thinking of the first day when everything was new and unfamiliar. As the month progressed, things begin to feel second nature. Life felt new and peaceful. I was exposed to many things and learned very much about writing, myself, culture, identity, and people. It was the first time I stayed in a hostel with a very large group. I enjoyed the people I met and most of all the work I produce.

Although, I produce a complete short story, Imfound inspiration to write more and completed poems while I was there. The culture and the a tire of the people in Armagh is what I loved. When the JHISS came around, I realized my Armagh haven was ending. I took the memoir workshop with Maureen which was more inspiring than I thought. I feel capable of writing about my experiences and hoping people will be able to empathize or realize there is a person like them in the world. I wasn’t sad but happy because of the experience and the work. I’m happy for the memories and that is did it with that group of people. They were supportive of my work and of me. Armagh, I’ll miss you but my time with you is over. But the inspiration I gained from you and what I have learned will never leave. I will continue to use that to write.

And so I have written.

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