The Waitress that Bailed.

A group of hungry millennials is pretty scary… but make it a group of hungry American millennials and apparently one will go running. This was true for our first server at The Abacus in Belfast.

This woman was short and skinny. Her eyes filled with worry; her posture unconfident in herself. As our nervous waitress approached the scene, Sam trumped her with a question about the food… if they served lo mein. The waitress was stunned- confused- helpless! She asked for our drink orders after telling us that lo mein was not on the menu and disappeared and reappeared.

While her shaking hands poured the guinness poorly in the cup, Jen, Marian, Sam and I all looked at each other knowingly. We should have known from the servers instantly taking away our chopsticks (without asking) when they heard our accents that this would be an interesting night.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we saw her. I often think about what might of been if the man who approached us next… didn’t. Maybe we wouldn’t have been questioned on our orders. Maybe we wouldn’t have been handed a calculator when we asked to split the check. Maybe we wouldn’t have been forced to leave a tip.


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