Update # 1

Since returning to America I have come to see it as slightly more brilliant (not that Ireland was at all lack luster, I loved it). Looking at America as my actual home though I realize that so much of it has gone unexplored by myself, half because I am a broke college student and half because I have no car, but such is life I’m sure more people haven’t spent the time exploring even their hometowns let alone further. I know that America is all about work… and that is what I’m also trying to work towards… Working hard through school just to work hard the rest of my life. My heart and the shower curtain hanging up in my room tell me that it is constantly “Time for an Adventure!” Yet, day after day I either go from my bed to the couch and possibly to work or a class. Hell even getting groceries is a chore. The only reason that is kinda fun is because you get to treat yourself to childhood goodies (remembering a time when there wasnt so much work in your life). Just a casual reminder that I am thinking all these thoughts and I am only 20. I can only imagine how bad this feeling is for other people, who have been doing the same thing for over 10 years. But, maybe we just need to think smaller for a short time. Ireland was my dream, and I was able to go to ireland and make new friends and have that adventure I always wanted. But now its time to buckle down and get my life together… but that doesnt mean cut out all the fun stuff. Smaller achievable goals. Like, going on a hike, or restarting a blog because it allows my mind to wonder, or actually visiting those friends that I keep telling myself I will. All seem like worthy goals.