Missy Marlow (and growing up)

Missy has befriended a kind old janitor, but when this janitor passes away she is first confronted with the concept of death… Missy falls into her school work rather than falling off the edge. The janitor always said he love the school and education were important. When she was little she took it upon herself to become as educated as possible to figure out why people die… She started going to the library more and more, she could be found at age 13 reading in trees instead of closed off inside with nothing to do. Another reason she wasn’t found indoors was because her mom had lost her job… and fell into a bit of a binge. She had alcohol around the house and still treated Missy like she was an adult. She luckily wasn’t an angry drunk but it was still hard for Missy to deal with not having a functioning parent. When she had already decided on a major in biology and therefore chased after this dream. She graduated high school without going to her prom and applied to scholarships and colleges as much as possible. Around this time, she had convinced her mom to go to AA. But, it is hard for her to handle essays and making sure her mom attends the meeting… When her mom makes a friend at AA, things seem to get much easier. One of her college essay prompts said to write about one person who really influenced you in making your decision to be in your major… Big surprise Missy wrote about the Janitor from her youth. After submitting the essay she was accepted with ease and her professor convinced her to minor in English while majoring in biology. Her mom was really proud of her and saw how hard her daughter worked, that she pulled herself together.

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