Jeremy Griffin:

Jeremy Griffin:

Born to a plumber and a yoga instructor, Jeremy eventually finds himself the middle child, in between his over achieving older brother and brilliantly creative younger sister.

He never really applied himself in his academics and was more focused on socializing. He passed his classes with high C’s and low B’s, and finally decided to go to a trade high school. During his first year he tried out each trade to figure out what to pick and he really really loved the Graphic Design course, but was pressured by his father to follow the Plumbing track instead. He resents that.

That being said, he is used to not getting what he wants and so he is always willing to compromise, always willing to communicate. In his friend group he is the silent leader, the most respected from others, but not within himself. He has a poor self image.

He rescued a beat-up pit bull from the animal shelter, and things started to get better. Finally, he moved out at age 21, and took his dog with him.

He told his dad he did not want to be a plumber, and to his surprise his dad simply looked at him, and said, “Oh. So where do you want to go for lunch?”

This was his most defining moment.

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