Character sketch

While sitting in the tattoo parlor waiting for my turn, I met Lisa, whose partner Brian and her were also getting tattooed that day. I feel a bond with her because our sessions were at the same time and we went through the pain together. She was getting a touch up on a shoulder piece that symbolizes her 3 kids.

Lisa is 38 (not a guess, she said so). Her kids are 19, 11, and 7 if I remember correctly. She teaches autistic children. She’s very body positive and believes that you can’t compare yourself to others, and that once you have comfort in your own skin, everything falls into place. She loves popcorn and this cheesy peanut snack she was noshing on in the waiting room. Her guilty pleasure is reality TV, but she also likes the Big Bang Theory. We were also talking about the American presidential election, and she agrees that Trump is mad.

Physically, Lisa is very tall and lean, with beautiful auburn hair. She’s fairly tan so I think she must spend a lot of time outdoors. I think on Sundays she takes her younger kids to the park and plays football with them. Maybe her oldest is there texting on the sidelines. They have lunch and go home, and she winds her day down with some TV and a reading before bed.

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