Armagh and Armagh Project’s effect on me and my Art. 

Before the Armagh Program, I was stuck in a writing rut. I had written Poetry and song  for many years. I just let it flow. Then slowly I began to feel nothing. I got into a dry spot where I had nothing to say. I was not motivated to write anything. I was in College writing the required papers, nothing else.  

     The location of Armagh is peaceful and quiet. Not to mention my family of 5 isn’t with me.  Usually I work in spurts of time and I never get to have so much time to myself. I’ve had the setting of Ireland and the stories of its culture motivate me. Along with the Armagh faculty teaching us about theater and prose. We have been very busy. The lessons have been worth it. I cant thank Terri, Kim, Nessa, Malachi and Nathaniel enough. I also want to thank the John Hewitt International Summer School.  

I have been able to write several songs that Im going to work on recording. I’ve  written poetry, memoir and stories. I am nervous about acting in a play, but I’m going to embrace it. 

All of this in a few weeks.  Not to mention a spectacular Countryside.

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