And so I have written …

All good things must end or after a while they would no longer be good. 

Furthermore, with every end is a new beginning. This chapter of this book has not ended, just made room for something new. I feel this way with what I am taking back from Armagh and how I have grown from the experience. I look back, thinking of the first day when everything was new and unfamiliar. As the month progressed, things begin to feel second nature. Life felt new and peaceful. I was exposed to many things and learned very much about writing, myself, culture, identity, and people. It was the first time I stayed in a hostel with a very large group. I enjoyed the people I met and most of all the work I produce.

Although, I produce a complete short story, Imfound inspiration to write more and completed poems while I was there. The culture and the a tire of the people in Armagh is what I loved. When the JHISS came around, I realized my Armagh haven was ending. I took the memoir workshop with Maureen which was more inspiring than I thought. I feel capable of writing about my experiences and hoping people will be able to empathize or realize there is a person like them in the world. I wasn’t sad but happy because of the experience and the work. I’m happy for the memories and that is did it with that group of people. They were supportive of my work and of me. Armagh, I’ll miss you but my time with you is over. But the inspiration I gained from you and what I have learned will never leave. I will continue to use that to write.

And so I have written.

Performing at the John Hewitt

The John Hewitt festival- as in being a performer was an inspiring experience. I read a short story and fully understood the power of story and fiction. I enjoyed being able to breath life into my work and the works of other. The JHISS was an incredible experience. Being a performer was nerve-wracking but I loved it because we all worked incredibly hard and having an audience to see the work we dod made me proud. 

Wide Eyes for the Hewitt Festival

Thus far, the JH festival has been an amazing experience. The festival has a certain energy because it is full like minded people who encourage creativity. I like the collaboration of culture that is prevalent. One night consisted of poet Sarah Howe talking about identity and wanting to reconnect to her Chinese roots. Furthermore, the connection to history and the pride in culture. 

When I walked in, I didn’t know what to expect until I saw a mobile bookstore housing several poets and authors who would be present. After seeing that, I knew enjoy what was to come. From the plethora of books to the ports reading their work, the festival has been enjoyable thus far. 

Reflections of Armagh

When I arrived in Armagh, I was unsure of what to expect. The place was small and historic and there was no one who looked like me. I wasn’t worry but anxious to explore Armagh. I found a town that had the perfect mix of contemporary culture and history. I admire the history and preservation of culture in the town. Being Armagh has made me think more of literature or writing. It has made me think of my passion for writing and although I say I have a love of storytelling, Armagh has restored my faith in myself as a creative writer because so many people doubted that it was a “good thing to do.” Armagh has also made me think deeply about identity and what that means to me. Also,   made me think of culture and how important it’s preservation is. Reserving those stories I have noticed the parallels between my culture and Irish culture. I’ve enjoyed being here and learning about life and history from the locals. The town is quaint and peaceful. It’s s lovely place to be be. 

You know I give you Life : the Rehearsal Process. 

Overall, the rehearsal process has been a little tiring but it’s necessary. Although tiring, rehearsal is the final step in the finish product. A creative work had stages before it is birthed- so to speak. From editing and revising, rehearsal includes it all. During the process, I have regconized errors in my work that I needed to fix. Rehearsals have also made me think of how I would like to read my story and why exactly I want the audience to take from tones I use and the life I breath into it. My story is like a character itself because the way I read it will give ppl more insight of what I want to say. If I stood dully, reading my message wouldn’t be conveyed. However practicing reading and practicing voice and tone breathes life into my story. Rehearsing for plays is always fun and tiring because you make yourself into a completely different person and hearing yourself become that person is interesting. Also, it’s fun to be apart of another person’s work because now I am helping to breath life into another body of work. 

The Sons of Ulster 

Yesterday, the sons of ulster came to Armagh and I would have to say it was one of the best things I have seen in Armagh. I would also have to add that I enjoyed this play much more than “The Wake”. I have to say I really enjoyed the stage combat and the stage effects. The characters were fully developed and each story flowed and made very much sense to the story overall. More importantly, there was significant insight and perspective into the minds of the Ulster men. Each man had a particular story and they way the stories merged was beautiful. The play had its surprising moment but the culture present provided deeper insight to the culture in Armagh. Also, the play brought/question themes including nationalism, masculinity and religion. Great piece of art!

Good Character! 

I enjoyed work shopping with Nathaniel because he focused a lot on characters. Knowing and building character is especially important to any piece of work that a writer will produce. He had innovative ideas and offered feedback useful in developing a story. If you don’t know your characters then you can it really continue to build the story. I especially enjoyed the deconstruction of Rex from Toy Story. It was nice to expand upon ideas and create new ideas from the exercises the have. His workshops were encouraging and for overall into the idea of the Armagh project. This experience has encourage me to exercise the muscle that I have let fall to the wayside. Thanks Nathaniel and Armagh project!


For General Audiences

Audience is important when writing a piece because it gives perspective. It also allows the author a general idea of the types of language and references that would be appropriate to use and context. Of course, depending on the content of the piece some audiences will not understand it or your direction and that’s okay. The audience is important because they help in breathing life into a piece of work. Generally, I don’t have a particular audience in my mind because I know my work will resonate with some people some where. I have ideas about where I want my work to go or who I would like to read, which in a sense contradicts the above point but I don’t strain myself for audience.

No Snow White, Just Huntsman 

Oddly enough, I am drawn to the huntsman. His presence and his control are what interests- although I did enjoy when he spoke, but he is so powerful he needs no words for his purpose. I like that he has a certain power and he lacks sympathy. I like that he is developed in this moment. It would be interesting to have a back story of the huntsman and who is but the enigma is what draws me to him. Or it could be that he doesn’t speak anymore. 

Handsome Stranger in Belfast

The young man’s green eyes sparkled with curiosity from the American accent. He was about 5 foot 6 inches and had a head full of red hair and a mixed pattern shirt. He boarded the bus with a deflated backpack. He was charming with a medium build describing live in Belfast although hailing 20 minutes North from the city. He first attended Queens University and now works at the university. He smiled, enjoying the complement the American stranger paid him, causing him to start the conversation. “Why are you in Belfast?” He asked with a smile. He enjoyed the short ride with the American strangers.