Derrick, Derr-poor.

When Derrick was a young man he didn’t have much and his family barely spoke with each other. Animosity seemed to be lurking about anytime two or more family members were in the same room. When he was 13, his older sister ran away with her boyfriend and while she and Derrick were “close” he didn’t find out till the day after.

Since then he always harbors a secret paranoia that those closest to him are always waiting for a chance to leave him behind. Which sometimes makes it hard for him to create any sort of relationship outside the ones he has with his wife and two children. While he may not have many friends that isn’t to say that he keeps to himself, rather quite the opposite. He feels that even is someone were to leave him behind he hopes that they’ll be leaving with fond memories. So he’s often trying to make people around him happy than he might feel at times.

Near the end of his life, he was surprised to find some many people not only cared for him, but also stuck around. He was overjoyed that he meant so much to so many people and that his family stuck around too.


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