Todo-of Planet Zedstar


Todo is 17; he looks like a green skinned Boy George on steroids. He has strong features with well styled black hair and perfect arched eyebrows. He has a muscular build and is tall, very tall 6’6” making it necessary to duck under doorways at times. He is extremely good looking

Todo is a Planet Scout and Energy Specialist; as his father was before him. He doesn’t like the job and has no choice of being inducted in this job field. He is from a long line of Planet Scouts.

Planet Zedstar, aka Zed, is a planet on the edge of the solar system. It hasn’t been found by Earths’ scientists as of yet. However there is one Earth girl that is studying Astronomy and has stumbled upon Planet Zedstar..

Todo is lazy and forgets his medication all the time. The medication takes away sexual urges to reproduce. So today he is extra edgy. He is required by law to take his medication. If the medical staff find out, he will get prison time.

The people of Zed can produce with a mate or or by themselves.. When it’s required to fill in the population with more people they get a card. The card allows them to choose either to mate or to have a child on their own. In the past years there has been a moratorium against reproducing as there are enough people.

In fact, there is a problem on hand, the planet is dying. The sun is burning out. Due to this factor, Todo is being commissioned to travel to Earth to scout out it’s Sun. To find out if there is enough Solar left in Earth’s sun to transport the energy back through a black hole Todo can create, to Zed.

Todo’s father Meif is a former Planet scout. He’s also very fit and tall with green skin as well. His features aren’t as perfect as Todo’s now, but it’s obvious he was once good looking himself. Meif confronts him in the kitchen. “So today’s the big day, eh Todo?” “Yeah I guess” says Todo. “Well you sound damned excited Todo” says Meif. “I’d think you be more committed as you know we all are depending on you today” Meif says. He goes on…”I wish I had the opportunity you’re getting today” I was always on call waiting for the past 75 years and now, I’m retiring with no success behind me. I never got sent to any other Solar system, my entire career. All you can say is …yeah I guess?

Todo can’t leave fast enough, “Well, see you Meif”. On planet Zed, it’s very formal. The people don’t use sir names like Dad, Mom, Mum, Pop etc. It’s just your given name. No nick names are used either.

Todo gets into his hovercraft, he combs his hair back and puts on shades, his craft is a vehicle that looks like a cross over between a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a stealth fighter plane (but smaller). Todo drives to the Space station for Astronaut’s the complex is a base camp that is very futuristic made of stainless steel metal. It has lights that change depending on the military status of alert. Red for high alert, yellow, warning or caution and green “normal status”. It’s very futuristic looking space station and official flags hang everywhere. He gets perturbed because someone is parked in “his” spot. He kicks over their space vehicle. It crumbles on one side. Then Todo drives up to the front and parks in his father’s marked space. Thinking, humorously he says..”well, he won’t be in today”.

Todo goes into the board room where all the space station head honchos are waiting. He is confronted by the team, who proceed to read him his orders. He is half listening and digging under his knee high boots. His superiors speak as if he’s not there about his behavior.

The. Captain of the station Simot says “if he isn’t going to listen, maybe we just need to throw him in the brig for now.” The Second lieutenant Fellan says “unfortunately, the back up Astronaut is sick at the moment, which makes him not eligible for travel interstellar. Since we don’t have time to train anyone else and his father is too old to stand Black hole travel”; “we’re stuck”.

Captain Simot rubs his chin and then addresses Todo. Todo doesn’t hear him. Finally Simot yells, “Damn it Todo, wake the hell up and let’s remember what’s at stake here, will you?”Todo shifts in his seat until he’s facing the Captain. “Ok”. The Captain then screams, grabs Todo by his collar looking ridiculous as he is about 8 inches shorter than Todo. “Todo, seriously! Do you not understand the fate of our planet?” Todo, “Yep, sure do, no problem. I got this, you need to relax!”

The scene pans to the hole in the floor, with a deep swirling black hole, it’s unreal and surrealistic. Todo is strapped into a chair that looks like an ejector seat of an airplane. His ride is very bumpy and shakes and his image shakes in and out of view with his image looking like spatter paint. Just before he lands on Earth, his image comes quickly instantly into one piece. This happens in an instant. He lands naked, in the middle of the ocean and instantly Gil’s emerge on his neck and his feet turn into fins. He swims ashore.

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