Reflections of Armagh

When I arrived in Armagh, I was unsure of what to expect. The place was small and historic and there was no one who looked like me. I wasn’t worry but anxious to explore Armagh. I found a town that had the perfect mix of contemporary culture and history. I admire the history and preservation of culture in the town. Being Armagh has made me think more of literature or writing. It has made me think of my passion for writing and although I say I have a love of storytelling, Armagh has restored my faith in myself as a creative writer because so many people doubted that it was a “good thing to do.” Armagh has also made me think deeply about identity and what that means to me. Also,   made me think of culture and how important it’s preservation is. Reserving those stories I have noticed the parallels between my culture and Irish culture. I’ve enjoyed being here and learning about life and history from the locals. The town is quaint and peaceful. It’s s lovely place to be be. 

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