Late: Belfast Character

Maria –

Queen Maria is 33 years old and has created the beginnings of a bath bomb empire. Her idea of having darker, gothic bath bombs, in contrast to LUSH’s cutesy floral bath bombs, is so unique. Her business has only begun in January and only uses Instagram for marketing and is taking off quickly. While we were there, their website was updated with new product and within the first 20 minutes of the product restock, 3,000 orders had already been placed! She is such a proud lady and I hope for all the best! Big things are coming her way!


Captain’s Log: Reflections on a Successful Voyage

This month has been, if nothing, a success. There are things I did not manage to accomplish like visiting Derry, Knowth, Sweeney’s. I didn’t work on the novel I have been considering, I didn’t write a play inspired by Irish history. However, I have succeeded in making connections in a vast community of writers. I have written a play I will probably expand. I have become more aware of worldly events; Brexit, the dynamics of Northern Ireland and the Republic. I’ve seen Francis Bacon’s workshop; I’ve walked the path of the 1916 Rising. For all the things I haven’t done I am grateful for all that I had the opportunity to do.  There is much more to write but I am overwhelmed. Forgive my brevity.

Out and About

Before leaving I have heard everyone saying “studying abroad changes you,” which was surprising and after some time while here it hit me that maybe something has changed. I have tried very hard to improve my writing and my public speaking, after a month here I can officially cross that off my list. I can also cross Ireland off my bucket list, but I’m going to need to come back. I’ve learned a lot about the culture and about the people here. I have been brought to tears over their stories and anger because of the divide that is found here. I have thoroughly felt every emotion being here for a month. But, overall Joy because of having great friends and new people around.


“You’re going to love it”. “This will be the best time of your life”. “Don’t be surprised when you get PID (Post Ireland Depression), it’s a thing”.

Relatively everyone and anyone I talked to about my at the time pending trip to Armagh said one of those three phrases or a slight variation to it. And to an extent I knew what they meant. I knew I was going to like it, and I knew that I wasn’t going to want to come home. But what I didn’t know was the magnitude of feeling that way.

I was most nervous about making friends. I felt like I was going into my first year of college all over again – going to a new place with new people, and not knowing what I got myself into. Much like my freshman year, that fear was diminished after a few days, a few pints and a lot of Dominos pizza. I cannot believe this month is already over, and that I have to leave all my Armagh Project friends and roommates. Who would have thought six women could not only survive in one room for a month, but actually be sad to leave it/each other.

Armagh project allowed me to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I met members of the IRA, politicians who marched in Derry in ’72, famous playwrights and poets, almost gave Malachi O’Doherty a heart attack, and even became an international actress at the Hewitt.

To anyone considering the Armagh Project, or any international travel, DO IT! It’s an amazing experience that you will not regret.

One glorious month later…

This is a difficult post to, well post because it means that the month of Ireland is over. This past month has been incredible, just absolutely amazing. I’m truly saddened and disappointed it’s over but I do understand that it needs to end. I’ll definitely miss this time in Northern Ireland and I hope I returned soon, and really just return again.

International SuperStar

I absolutely LOVED sharing our work with Armagh at JHISS! Of course I was super nervous for the reaction to my play because I just wanted people to laugh. I heard some chuckles and was comforted by an audience member, who also happens to be at the hostel, by saying that people silently nodded in appreciation. I felt so proud of all of us and our performances of everyone’s work! 10/10 Would do it again ❤

Being a part of the JHISS Festival

I gotta say it’s been pretty festive affair and it feels so weird to be a part of this amazing annual event. And now I get to say that I am an international entertainer and have been in the paper for my work. Not many people I know can say that. While it was something to be performing and I hope I’ve done the writers justice with my parts, I definitely prefer being the Writer o’er Performer. It was fun nonetheless.