Social Justice

As I have said many times: My goal as a writer is to make my audience laugh and think.(along with every other emotion… but primarily those two.) I believe these goals are kind of perfect for a piece that has to do with social justice.

I try to fill my plays with some sort of message. Whether it is to comment on how you treat workers in the workplace or that one should not burn their child, I try to give my audience something to ponder and take with them.


Belfast Impression!

I immediately liked Belfast as soon as I walked in. Just the whole look of it really spoke to me. It had the city feel of Dublin, but that  somewhat “quaint” and historical feel to it.


I only took two pictures in Belfast. This is a good thing. It means I was distracted and enjoying myself! Letting my brain take the pictures, and not my camera.





So, a pedophile that recently moved into Armagh is now gone due to major protest from the city. People were calling the cops and passing the hostel shouting their disapproval as they walk by.

It’s crazy how I would never have known this unless I read the news. It shows how important the news and keeping up with it is.


Something I enjoy about Martin Lynch: “He has served in the community sector as coordinator of the Community Arts Forum.”



What pointed you towards playwriting?

What inspires you?

What is your favorite play?

Which one of your plays shocked you the most?

What would you tell your younger self?

The Wake

After reading the wake, I felt that the show wouldn’t shock me. Boy was I wrong.

Watching the play performed really brought me to a whole new level of appreciation the piece, and for theatre in general.r

The abbey took a play that I wasn’t particularly in love with and moved me. And isn’t that what the theatre needs to do?

My favorite part of the production had to be the technical side. The SOUND DESIGN was perfect for this show. Everytime a transition was broken by a sudden crash or a door slam, it brought me right back in.

Also, the lighting. THE LIGHTING! Beautiful colors of red and blue and everything! The interesting angles really wowed me too. I was very impressed!

I was so amazed by this production! Everything was great! The acting, the direction, the tech, even the house. I’m so glad I saw it.

A Change of Scenery!


Dublin is very different than Armagh. THERE ARE MCDONALD’S HERE! I’m not much of a McDonald’s fan, but I somehow feel obligated to be excited about this…

I feel much more overwhelmed in Dublin. Busy streets. Construction. PEOPLE! It’s crowded here. Also, it is very diverse here.

I thought I would enjoy a bustling city atmosphere more than the small city life in Armagh, but being here makes me miss my dear Armagh. A weird realization… as I thought I wanted to live in a city when I’m older, but this somehow is changing my mind? However, I’ve only been here for a day and I’m excited to spend the rest of our time here with my new friends!

(Also, I saw some Irish step dancing last night and it made me miss it so much.)

The Victims of Ireland

The conflicted dinner argument seemed to highlight the distinct separation between the family. Often families will have similar situations- that split between values. The political/ religious conflict that is festering at the dinner table really shows how much influence of the topics and I can see how it still applies today. Everyone is very conscious, almost cautious about this religious issue… but also very passionate. In the week we have been here, many citizens have basically warned me about revealing anything religious about myself. The scene in Portrait of the Artist truly illuminates irish culture and divide.

Resonance and Dissonance


The friary we visited on the way to Saint Brigid’s well really resonated with me. While exploring the area, I was taken aback on how beautiful it was and how beautiful it must have been.




As a dog lover, I found myself quite unhappy with this sign.


The Wake Revised

Although I find the current ending quite satisfying (although a little sad) if I could change anything, I would have it that Vera keeps the hotel. I think it would really be an interesting way to show a weird but cool and different arc for Vera. I think it was great for her to forgive her family (ish) but I think that she could prove to them that she can handle it… and that she deserves even more respect… and handling the hotel may prove that.