Belfast in a few photos

I am so happy I had the opportunity to go to Belfast. This city turned out to be the greatest time I have had so far! But then again, every day has out done the last, here. I only have a few  photos from this weekend but I think they each give a great look at a few moments. WP_20160716_11_57_08_Pro.jpgWE MET THE HEX BOMB LADIES!!! I fan-girled so hard at this shop and I’m not even ashamed in the slightest. Lisa and Maria were so kind and so humble about their business and were visibly proud hex bomb mamas.

WP_20160715_14_19_52_Pro.jpgWP_20160715_12_43_04_Pro.jpg Met and had lunch with Martin Lynch!! Wow what a great experience! I really enjoyed the time he spend with us. I didn’t expect to be so entranced by his stories, but I was! The character sheet that he had us fill out was also a fun way to delve into the creation of a character; I did my sheet on my brother at age 12. (drawings by Brandy)

BELFAST.jpgLastly, I absolutely adored all the beauty that was so evident all over Belfast. From the pockets of vibrant wildflowers to the incredible building sized murals around every corner, beauty was not hard to find here.

Social Activism on Character

When relating social activism to the writing I have done and the classes I have been in, my first thought is the development of character. Characters are what make a story and all characters have opinions. Especially in modern times, writers need to be aware of the social activism happening all around the globe in order to write a realistic character. This character will be experiencing a revolution of sorts and should have a reaction and opinions to match. Social activism in writing characters should always be carefully considered.

Belfast Impression

I absolutely adore Belfast! The city is so full of culture, personality, and life. I loved seeing the amazing murals around every turn and the intricate architecture. Belfast is a city I would love to stay in, and even get lost in. I had the greatest time in this city and met some amazing people and I can’t wait to come back!

First Impression of Dublin!

I know this is a major world city, but it still feels a bit more cozy than cities in the United States. I love the historical, old feel of this city and I like seeing much more diversity than in Armagh. So far, we have shopped in a beautiful small mall, seen beautiful stylish people, and ate at totally rad pub. Looking forward to exploring the city more tonight and listening to some great music with the gals!

Ressonance and Dissonance

I’ve experienced so much in my time here in Armagh. Its kind of overwhelming but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Travel always seems to evoke such emotion and appreciation for life in me. I would say that the scenery, culture, and especially the food resonates with me. I’m really enjoying the time living with you all! The play writing is having a bit of dissonance with me but it is constructive dissonance. I am enjoying writing and stretching my mind in new ways. Slow going and taking shape =)


My mother and father are as opposite as the Capulets and Montegues. Here in Ireland that is displayed as Catholics and Protestants. We are having a festival coming up in town open for everyone. I absolutely love spending time with my family and friends, but when others with stronger beliefs mingle, events are always uncertain. It is going to be a joyous, expressive, and entirely anxious day…