The Wake Alternative Ending

In the ending of The Wake, I believe that rather than actually being deceased, Vera’s grandmother ends up actually being alive. Vera’s grandmother could have faked her death in order to see if the whole family would come to terms and reunite, rather than ostracizing Vera more. When she reveals the truth, she convinces Vera to stay in Ireland where she belongs. I believe this would have been a more surprising ending, rather than Vera just giving everything up and going back to the states to live the same life as a call girl again.


John Hewitt Festival Theme

This year, the John Hewitt festival’s theme will be A role in history: the Rising, the Great War, and a Shared Past. This theme shifts its focus on the milestone events within Ireland’s history and examines how the past created modern Irish society.

The Great War, also known as World War 1, was a significant era within Irish history.  During WWI, Ireland was still under the United Kingdom’s rule, and it began during the Irish Rebellion period of the 1910s. Due to the Great War’s start, most of the Irish community started to unite, regardless of their stance on the United Kingdom’s ruling. This caused unity within the country for a short, but necessary, time. However, once the war ended, turmoil struck Ireland yet again in the fight for their independence.

The Rising, also known as the Easter Rising, was an armed rebellion constructed by the Irish Republican Brotherhood during the week of Easter. It was staged in order to rebel against English rule while the United Kingdom was distracted with fighting in World War I. This even lasted for six days, and almost 500 people died during it, those of whom were mainly civilians.

By looking back at these historical events, we are able to observe the faults in past actions yet embrace the beauty that have came out of them. Many people had lost their lives within the years of Irish rebellion for independence, but those brave people put their lives on the line to escape the grip of the United Kingdom. These events were able to change the whole course of Irish history within 100 years that came after them. By focusing the theme of the John Hewitt Festival on these historical events and how they tie to modern Ireland, we will be able to embrace the good and the bad that comes with the past, and progress the country into the future.

Irish History

Ireland is one of the most culturally rich environments in the world. Irish culture is filled with such an abundance of history and interesting facts. One fact that popped out at me in particular was that Halloween was created in Ireland. Allegedly, the popular holiday originated from the Celtic harvest festival known as Samhain. It is predicted to be created through Pagan origins, and later became Christianized by the early Church. The festival was created in order to celebrate the beginning of the winter season.

Alternative Realities

I woke up this morning in my boss’ hotel room in Chelsea. He wasn’t there when I woke up, as usual. The excuse he texted me this time was “Charlotte called. Have to take James to the doctor’s before work. Don’t forget about to schedule my meeting for 3 o’clock.” What a family man, taking care of the wife and kids after his morning fuck.

As I got off the E train at Chambers St. to head to the office, I heard a woman yell, “Don’t touch his dick, and don’t give him not meat!” to her hucci-mama cohort down the block. Oh New York, how interestingly repetitive you can be with your loud-mouthed savages sipping on their medium fair-trade soy-milk cappuccinos.

Introduction Post

Since stepping off of the plane, I fell completely in love with Ireland. Everyone has been s friendly, and the environment of Armagh has been incredible. It has been a complete culture shock for me to arrive here, since it is much more suburban than the environment of my hometown in New York. The people in this town seem to have smiles plastered on their faces, and the positive aura just radiates from town. Going to the bar was very exciting, and getting to bond with everyone else on this trip has been so much fun! I have fallen head over heels with Ireland, and I’m anxious to see what the rest of the month has in store for me!

During my first night in town, I decided to be brave and stay at a pub by myself, and it was a very fun and interesting experience. While at the pub, an Irish local man began to flirt with me, and asked for my number. Right after our exchange, I began to overhear his conversation with his friend, who said to him, “What about your girlfriend? Where is she tonight?” That was a very funny experience!