Belfast Pictures continued

Here are pictures from Belfast. Meeting Playwright Martin Lynch and going to the play Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward Somme was awesome. Happy Birthday to Terri today!


Belfast, Orangemen and Game of Thrones Tour

Feel accomplished; took in a play in Belfast, Observe the Sons of Ulster marching towards the Somme. It was brilliant. I’m not knowledgable in character development as most of you are.   However, the main character Piper purposely stirred the pot and created havok with all of the people he was deployed with. He was intelligent and able to unnerve all the men. His real goal remains unknown to most of them. It seemed he wanted them to be “aware” of their situation and not have any pipe dreams about war and why they were there. There is much more to this play, but I don’t want to spoil it. It’s coming to Armagh. 

I went to the Game of Thrones sets. Bus left out of Belfast. It was incredible. What I saw in one day was unbelievable. If you want to take the tour, I have a card from the tour guide. 

I saw Winterfell, The forest set where the Direwolves were found, the Tall forest and Castle black. I also saw props, tried on the capes like the ones they wear in the show. He showed us a new location, that he feels will appear in future shows. The Dundrum Castle. 

We went to County Down’s Mourne Mountains, into the Forsest where they found the Direwolves. Also to Dundrum Castle, as an extra treat. The tour guide was a stunt man from the show and extra. He took us to the Castle, after we spoke to him about the show on break. Don’t expect it on the regular tour. He knows a lot of the cast and invited the man who owns the Direwolves to meet us. Due to the great weather, we could do more. 

Irish Newspaper Post


I decided the News I wanted to read was about Ms. Theresa May and why the people of Ireland were talking about her on the news so much.

Three weeks ago Ms. May was up for vote as Prime Minister and prior to being sworn in, she sided with Northern Ireland and Wales with “Remaining” in the European Union.  She warned that “Brexit would bring despair and severely affect the island of Ireland. It would be “inconceivable that there would not be any changes to border arrangements and the agricultural sector would be particularly badly hit”. These were her comments while touring Northern Ireland. She got voted into office. Then, she did a 180 and voted to exit the EU.

Why is this so important? Northern Ireland relies heavily on EU exports more so than nearly every other region than the UK. 50,000 jobs are linked to EU trade (per Kevin Doyle of the Irish Independent). Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said her being in office is going to make it tough for the peace process and Anglo-Irish relations. Will things heat up again?

The people were furious with her. They’re now saying she is, somebody who says one thing today and does another tomorrow.  “Brexit means Britain exit” despite telling the people that it would be a very bad move now she is to lead them out .  She previously had a good history of working with Northern Ireland’s administration; per DUP First Miinister Arlene Foster.  READ ABOUT IT WITH THE ATTACHMENT. I TRIED TO MAKE IT MORE UNDERSTANDABLE.

Martin Lynch

Looking forward to meeting this well know playwright and social activist. My question is “when did you decide you wanted to address controversy through theater?”  

Secondly, “when and how did you feel courageous enough to write?”

About being a cloth cutter:

     I have family that was in the sail making business, that immigrated from Ireland.  Since the sails are usually made by a machine now, it put them out of sail making business. Did you cut sail cloth to make sails, or other items?

The Wake

I’ve read the Wake twice. However the play was a totally different experience. I was touched. Set in the 90’s, the family is very similar to other families struggling with fairly dealing with inheritance.  The characters were brought to life in ways I never thought possible. Very good acting by all of the cast. Vera was cast very well, Aisling O’Sullivan, is outstanding in her portrayal of a woman pushed to her limit. She played an incredible prostitute, funny lover, greiving grand daughter and finally a giving sister. When I thought about it what choice did she really have but to give the hotel to her siblings? If she had any chance at all, at keeping them in her life. I have gone through similar situations with family in regards to “things”; when my father died. This could be any family’s issues.  Finbar was very funny and I think Vera chose going to him, because she was suspicious and not trusting her family at that point. He was comical.  Henry, well that’s a surprise just how far removed with a great interpretation by Frank McCusker. I did get that Henry was attracted to Vera but don’t recall the party scene as such. It was a great play to watch. 

Dublin 2016 Inspirations

This memorial to 1916 is next to the Abby theater.The Abbey Theatre is home to many political plays in their productions. I thought this mural on the wall was a great reflective of Dublin’s history. My eyes were drawn to it walking down to the play of the Wake. I thought it was a fabulous monument. To the hundred years since the the rising and suggests the struggle continues.

My reflection of the Portrait of an Artist

Religion and politics were at the time of this story very inter-twined in society. More-so than it is today. Similar to our own culture. Remember when the Dixie Chicks spoke out politically against war. Our American society (mainly country folk still very tied to the church) persecuted them by boycotting their music. They weren’t allowed to be played on the radio and no Agency wanted to book them.

In Ireland at the time of this play POA,it was a more conservative time, much more traditional. Which is why the play was set at a traditional Christmas dinner and a religious celebration. At this dinner, Mr. Casey gets perturbed by his Governess Ms. Dante’s rant about how right the church is, in all things. His beliefs are that the church and politics should be separate. Mr. Casey said “we go to the house of God, in all humility to pray to our maker and not to hear election addresses.”

For the struggling lower class, it was difficult not to be in conflict with the church if there was protest involved. The church was very involved in all aspects of life. From the time of Kings and Queens often the Priest was the Kings’ advisor. This carried on until Henry VIII banished his advisor when he wanted to do as he wanted.

The people in her opinion don’t have the right to question the guidance of the church in regard to what they taught their flock. Dante states about the church, “they were always right. (Meaning in what the church did to people as punishment) …God and morality and religion come first. God and Religion before everything.”

A very good friend and activist for the people was killed, whom was dear to Mr. Casey. Ms. Dante basically tells Mr. Casey “he got what he deserved, as the church is always right”. It continues into a heated debate, Casey is accused of being a blasphemer, a renegade Catholic by Ms. Dante.

Dante believes she is standing up for the Church and says, “what would a priest be if he didn’t tell his flock what was right or wrong”. She pushes Casey to his limit, much too far (Dante doesn’t think she’s wrong in her strict religious beliefs, as she feels insulted and spit on by Casey’s insistence that the church and State politics should be separate).

It’s the wrong time, however as Casey is hurting in the loss of a good friend, Parnell. Activists that are fighting for equality and improvement of the treatment of the poor in Ireland are typically seen at this time, as renegades. Ireland is beginning to develop into the political kaos of what ensued for years even after this play.  As to not obey the State, was often tied to being a religious offender. Later the Church started to back the cause of the people more, but they never backed violence. The struggle of right and wrong is real.


The beauty of Armagh can be seen by walking around (especially by oneself) and it has a lot of surprises that impress me daily. 

The resonance of the first picture of the Cathedral. The same, for the beautiful lamp posts (with hanging flower baskets) wow me.

Dissonance: As with any place, there is not perfection. The gate from the parking lot, it’s functional but eh, not pretty. The pictures of Windows that aren’t Windows. The cracked and peeling wall and grass growing on a old roof. Not appealing and I find distasteful, dissonant to me.




Vera’s Revenge

I chose to write my play ending with Vera gifting the Hotel to an Orphanage. In the play she is extremely hurt and depressed by her family. The one person she trusted as a young girl,  Finbar is who she turns to. Ultimately, she fights with him too. He loved her as a young boy, but was thought to be not worthy of her. As a result of her inability to marry him; she becomes a paid prostitute (to get on his level?).

Through the conversation I surmise that she became a prostitute because didn’t care about herself after her one true love couldn’t be her choice to marry. No matter what, ultimately she feels the disappointment of betrayal from all those around her. Her family, whom she deeply loves, could care less about her. All they want is the hotel, money and possessions left to her, by her Grandmother. She feels guilty about not being there for her when she fell and as a result her Gran died. If she had only been there.

Now she must face herself for moving away, as no one was there for her Grandmother. Inheriting a hotel she does not want, the decision becomes easy for her. Give it to the family that she loves deeply. Maybe, this will make them love me? It doesn’t of course, they could care less. So I changed my ending.