Activism and Community

I think to some extent Community and Activism have played a role in my work that I have done here. It’s been a lot about finding out my own community and finding out what I am passionate about to try to get the word across. Like going to the Black Lives Matter protest… Im ashamed to say it, but I have not really gone to one back in Baltimore. Mostly because I will be at work and while people have planned those events. The activism that I have seen at home is very different from Ireland. Its isnt religiously fueled… but there are still sides taken and violence seen. I suppose they arent that different and each side is its own community.


Let’s talk about her stained hands

My very first impression was of how much I love her bright red hair. But, this lady was part of the creators of the Hex Bombs. Lovely little bath colors and scents. But, she had a slight accent that complimented her clothing style nicely (laid back goth style). When I actually saw over the desk, her hands were stained red because she has been very busy at work. I was so surprised by here hands… but at the same time, I couldn’t help appreciate her more for how hard her (and coworker) have been working to get this business really off the ground! It takes a lot of communication  and commitment to get as far as they have. If I heard them correctly, they had 1000 hex bombs sold in ONE day.

The Pyre’s


From the Belfast telegraph, this article explains that art and culture can be found in the display that is found in Northern Ireland. An artist Bronagh Lawson feels they represent a very important symbol to the culture and history of Ireland especially with this being the 100 year anniversary. She spent this anniversary documenting as many of the pyres that she would show them in a different light then what the majority of the media is portraying them as. She saw people enjoying a chance to build the great bonfires and destroy them. Being an artist she acknowledged the fires as art themselves and art that demanded attention. It was a very interesting way to view these bonfires and definitely a good read!

Vagina’s and Velvet Seats

The Wake was portrayed excellently on the stage of the Abbey Theatre. It was also much rawer and angry than I had read it to be. Upon first read, I was under a more somber impression of the entire play. I never expected such yelling coming from the people on stage. Nor did I anticipate how real it could feel. Like that level of drama with a downsizing of it with comedy. The most vivid scene included Vera’s monologue and back and forth with herself as she had one weak and one strong side struggling to get their act together and even driving that point home by smacking (repeatedly) her nether regions. It will be hard to get that image out of my mind. It was a great way to experience an Irish story through such a powerful and iconic way. The idea of a tragic comedy suit Ireland’s style well… If only because of all the pain they suffered its impossible to live in such pain at all times. (A drop of Whiskey or a pint of Guinness couldn’t hurt either) Besides the play, the actual theatre was brilliant. Comfortable and classic velvet red seats were waiting for those admitted while the stages special features were successfully used to bring out many scenes including the ending which was well done. The Wake actually ended with an interesting wake for the deceased grandmother, which included some lovely (and ear cringing) songs.


How can I put this? Dublin and Glendalough were a much-needed change of pace. I also have always loved city and country life at an equal level. Dublin reminds me a good bit of new york but with cuter houses. (sadly I have yet to get a picture of those cute houses) I did manage to get many pictures of Glendalough and only a couple here in Dublin, all thanks to battery levels. However, so far I feel revitalized by experiencing everything here as well as appreciating, that though this is a tourist area, how well it works as this center for an interesting area for Southern Ireland.

Conflict at the Dinner Table

The argument at the dinner table that occurs between the family shows the split of the Irish people as a whole. Every person pretty much picking a side and standing behind that which they see as right (or even righteous). If I interpreted it correctly some leader in the fight was killed and that is what brought on the half political half religious conflict at the meal. I can imagine similar conversations were had around many kitchen tables. Probably even made certain families turn against each other. It brings up some memories of discomfort I have seen in Irish friends.

Resonating with the Soul

The reason I chose this photo is a combination of things. I love the boldness and the way it stands out. I think in a way I admire this flower for those qualities because I would like to embody them. Hopefully, by the end of the Armagh project, I will become more like this flower and the strong people of Ireland. They are all so interesting. I definitely will never forget or regret this trip. And this is only the beginning! Ireland has completely surpassed my expectations, I’ve learned so much about my writing style and how the process really works. It’s a shame the trip is so short. Ireland will always resonate with me because Ireland was my dream.



The Wake Revised

After her family has berated her for all her actions and said how she has ruined the families reputation… Vera tells her family of the struggles of her own life. Being a call-girl in new york, having all this love for her family and they throw it in her face instead of trying to help her, she explains how she was grieving and they could not take a step back to realize how the death of her grandmother impacted her so deeply… Mary Jane and Tom both are not interested in hearing what she has to say. Marcia, on the other hand, apologized and had been more on her side during the threesome debacle than anyone else. After talking out her feelings with the rest of her family she honestly felt better with herself. She loves her family but when it comes to choosing them over herself… She will choose herself. Her options included going back to New York and returning to that life… or she could stay in Ireland a place she absolutely loves… She decides to stay. Make her own way and not give a damn what anyone else has to say. She sells away her inheritance though in order to pay for a better life.

Theme of the Year

An anniversary is upon us and with that comes the emphasis on memory. The theme of the John Hewitt International Summer School festival will be a focus on the year of 1916. With as well as on a shared past which is what I am most interested in. Having experienced an uprising in Baltimore, I understand some of the memories that will be shared at this time. I also believe that a heavy focus will come with the religions that have been at odds for so long. Im interested to hear all about the past and what art will be created from it. I have a feeling that I will learn a lot more about the attitudes of toward the situation.