Art with Responsibility 

With the gift of word comes a responbility to readers and the world around you. I believe writers especially have to create art with a purpose and the responsibility of raising social awareness. The writer is socially aware and socially conscious. I think as a writer, I have a responsibility of making the reader think and being a voice for marginalized and oppressed voice- at least this is my idea of writing with activism. I think having perspective and sharing with, as Kimberley Lynne likes to say, “the distance of the metaphor.” This is key to being a writer. As a person from a large city and more importantly from the “inner city” I see multiple types of people and disparities which are often ignored in modern and (some) classic literature. These issues are overlooked and ignored and my job as a writer is to shed light and commentary on these issues. More so, supporting my community  and being able to increase literacy and education in my community is also my job as a writer. People want to read things they see themselves in or can relate too. My goal is to create these things for people like me.


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