Belfast, Orangemen and Game of Thrones Tour

Feel accomplished; took in a play in Belfast, Observe the Sons of Ulster marching towards the Somme. It was brilliant. I’m not knowledgable in character development as most of you are.   However, the main character Piper purposely stirred the pot and created havok with all of the people he was deployed with. He was intelligent and able to unnerve all the men. His real goal remains unknown to most of them. It seemed he wanted them to be “aware” of their situation and not have any pipe dreams about war and why they were there. There is much more to this play, but I don’t want to spoil it. It’s coming to Armagh. 

I went to the Game of Thrones sets. Bus left out of Belfast. It was incredible. What I saw in one day was unbelievable. If you want to take the tour, I have a card from the tour guide. 

I saw Winterfell, The forest set where the Direwolves were found, the Tall forest and Castle black. I also saw props, tried on the capes like the ones they wear in the show. He showed us a new location, that he feels will appear in future shows. The Dundrum Castle. 

We went to County Down’s Mourne Mountains, into the Forsest where they found the Direwolves. Also to Dundrum Castle, as an extra treat. The tour guide was a stunt man from the show and extra. He took us to the Castle, after we spoke to him about the show on break. Don’t expect it on the regular tour. He knows a lot of the cast and invited the man who owns the Direwolves to meet us. Due to the great weather, we could do more. 


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