Sounds like my Thanksgivings

I tried reading Portrait when I was much younger and maybe didn’t quite have the reading comprehension skills to grasp it, but the thing that stuck out to me in this excerpt was the argument about the role of the Church in Irish independence. I realized that in learning about the history of the region that there was a separation between the religion of those supporting an Irish Republic and the actual institution of that religion. And I was someone disappointed in Dante’s (not in Joyce’s writing of her) that a female character was so uncritical of the Catholic church, since (and I am speaking as someone who grew up Catholic and had this experience) the Vatican has never kept women in its fold. Even nuns, I find do their work as insular, independent groups, even directly disobeying the Vatican in some instances, which is why nuns are hardcore and will always have my respect. I had wished to see a radical woman of the time, but I trust that Joyce has a better understanding of the opinions of the time.


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