Res & Dis


I. Loved. Matthew. I felt that he was so knowledgable about not only Navan Fort, but of the surrounding area. He was such a great person to have met for what I consider my first sighting of a foreign land.

As far as dissonance goes, I can’t say too much has bummed me out. But as far as something that stuck with me that made me feel dumb was the currency. I went into the bank and used the ATM. When I looked down at my first “note” I noticed that it said “Bank of Northern Ireland” on the top of the bill and honestly thought it was a voucher to go to the teller and get the actual money. I approached the teller who explained that I could not make change unless I had an account, and I embarrassingly asked her, “can I buy things with this..?”.  Stupid, stupid American me.



One thought on “Res & Dis

  1. Love both those comments: so enjoyed Matthew and BTW when I traveled from NI to London in a previous trip I had to exchange my NI bills in Heathrow for “proper English money.” Or that’s what the currency lady in Britain called it.

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