You children know nothing of the past.

Fergus Macwell: You children have it easy nowadays. You have your mobile technology in your pockets and that’s all you care about. It rules your life. You seem to know nothing of the hardships that we faced, and all knows they don’t teach it in the schools anymore. Our people were targets. Started way back when with king Henry the eighth. Boy he hated the catholic church because they wouldn’t let him marry his younger prettier mistress. Bless Katherine. So he made it so anyone who practiced the religion were . My great great great great grandfather was a catholic. He had his land taken from him with nothin left to support his family. They made settlement in stone lake. A small traveling village run by the druids. Some of his children grew weak and one even died from starvation. But not his daughter no. She was as tough as an ox. She took on extra chores. Gave most of the food to her siblings, and when she was old enough she set out for work. She spent her time studying both the catholic and Protestant religions. This way if she were questioned on her travels she could hold her own. And hold her own she did. As we are living proof. But it didn’t end here. Queen Elizabeth took the throne, and our ancestors were being ambushed and slaughtered. The great war between the Catholics and the Protestants became violence in the name of whose God was the right God to worship. It was bloody and the Catholics suffered the greatest loss. And even though this island of Ireland here is split in two, we share this past and together we must remember. Are you kids still listening? 


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