Festival Day (monologue)

Ah, I awake the air is fresh about me and feel’s crisp. Mama Rose is getting up, I hear her stir. She sounds better this morning and I am glad to hear it. Whether or not she is, remains to be seen. Since the troubles ended, she thinks more about Sean and now, “Sean would’ve liked the concert, out on the Glen”. “He would’ve”, I say “I’d like to go, to the show today, an see the chil’un sing and the parade”. I can’t believe Mum’s willing to leave the house, it’s a pleasure to behold, since losing Sean she hasn’t left the house, let alone want to go to a festival. “What will you be wearin?” “I’ll go get it ready now”. Mum turns and says, “I think I want to go back to bed, I’m feeling very weary”. “Should I wake you then, round 2?” She doesn’t answer, but I hear her crying softly and I know it’s better to leave it be. 


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