My first Impression of Ireland

I had a nice flight with a bit of turbulence and my legs were annoyingly aggitated.  I got off the flight into Dublin airport. A sea of activity and people in the airport. I noticed different signage from the onset. At the first stop.  Into the bathroom, I shut my stall.  And looked at the toilet, thinking to myself “can I sit on that skinny rim”.

After being welcomed by Kimberly Lynn and Terri  I set off to find breakfast.  After managing, I went out and to the cafe’. I ordered scrambled eggs and sausage with potatoes. My first bite, I noted a taste of nutmeg in the eggs, the sausage was very moist, and flavorful. Then I tried the bread, which had a better texture and flavor than any bread I have had. I never heard that the food would be so good.

We headed out to Armagh. Along the way the countryside was very, very green and farm plotted. Some of the houses along the way were stucco, stone and wooden Tudor styled. Everything fit so perfectly and clean. The traffic moves very fast and our driver sat on the right instead of the right. Especially since it was only a two lane highway. It rained, then stopped and rained again, when we got to Armagh. It is a typical day here, I’m told…”expect rain”. The temperature was about 15 degrees colder and 20 degrees by nightfall. The road surface of our parking lot was cobblestone and matched the beautiful stonework of the buildings. Old, ornate buildings were all around me. Beautiful churches, private residences with gated courtyards tucked in inspired my eyes in all directions. Walking to dinner, the shops resembled an area of old shops in Ellicott City in Maryland; although it stretches on for several miles.

I look forward to getting to know about the history and taste the food of Armagh, Ireland and Dublin.


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