Not Reality

Lie-I married a rock star.

He’s never home. I don’t know why we even chose  to get married. How he ever wanted me. This tour he’s on, is a year long.  I feel so lonely.  I don’t know why I thought I’d be happy married to a rock star.   I thought I’d love him always. When your unhappy, love changes. First it’s the memory of the days you shared, when you felt love. He used to call every night, in the beginning.  Now I’m lucky if he calls once a week. I stayed up last night til 3 am, waiting for his call. Sunday, without fail, he always calls me.  No call.

I got the phone call this morning “did I hear, Michael is dead”. I dropped the phone and cried and cried. I heard noise outside and opened the window. I saw News reporters outside. I got another phone call. “How do you feel, about your husband being found in bed, dead….with another woman?”


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