Alternative Reality – Shark Encounter

This always happens. I can never get in a good night’s swim without something happening. Sometimes I just want to get close to the sun, is that too hard to ask? Here I am, enjoying my night, when I feel something touch my back in the water. Then I feel it again, more like a kick. Of course, this felt so weird! I knew what it was. We both start freaking out, I can tell. I hear her screaming “Shark! Oh my god, SHARK”! Then, I started panicking. I was trying to apologize, I swear! I just don’t think she could hear me. I tried coming up to the surface to tell her I was just getting some sun, but that had an opposite effect. By the time I got back under the water to swim over to her friends to say sorry, everyone was out of the water and I was all alone. Probably one of the most frightening experiences of my life. I guess I just have to go in for a hug next time. That might help me straighten things out better.


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