Ireland bound

Going to Armagh, flyin in to Dublin with my Guitar and a bag !  Packing is a headache for me. I don’t know what to bring, or not to bring. So I’m going to bring as much as I can fit. Can that. I’m going to make an effort to travel light and then buy things in Ireland. I don’t want to go to the poor house, just sundries and a few tee shirts will be nice.

Weather, hmm 60-65 degrees is a bit chilly compared to weather of 75 to 85/90 degrees this time of year in Maryland. I guess I better get out the jeans and the warmer things. I’ll miss any of the warm days here, as I love Summer. I like rain too, and 65 degree weather, so I’ll enjoy sweaters, jeans and cozy. It’s better to have chilly weather to concentrate and study.

I can’t wait to get time to see  the Emerald of Ireland. I just feel like I’m going to be a bit bogged down with study and work, to do much sight seeing. I’ll have to do as much as possible on 5 hrs a day sleep. I want to go everywhere I’m invited. I get to go to a famous Authors’ home, James Joyce! The current home of Author Liz McManus!! This will be a future post. Would  you be giddy? Blog about that later..I’ll let you in on it.

Castles, Moats, stone circles and everything I can experience of a different culture! I want to absorb it all into my pores! Excited beyond belief. I can’t wait to study the stories in the songs, the rhythms, the music, the dance. It thrills me that this is part of my heritage and I get to experience even a smiggen of it!!!

Lastly, I am a huge, big, rediculous fan of Game of Thrones and the movie is filmed in Northern Ireland. If I get to see the cast, I think I’ll shat meself. Sry for words, so true though. Elle



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