Who I am and Why I wanted to go to Armagh

My name is Montèz Jennings. I am currently a senior at University of Baltimore. I am creative soul. I am skilled in two things- candle making and writing. I like to call myself a writer or better yet a voice. I am a storyteller in many aspects. That is what I was created to do. Currently, I am the managing editor of the university’s newspaper (the UB Post) and continue to write short stories and witty observations of life. I used to write songs, poetry, and plays- even minoring in Drama/ Theater before coming to University of Baltimore.

I aspire to be a journalist as well as an author of fiction and non-fiction (memoir or collection of essays). Furthermore, I would like to be a professor. Within each of those fields, I am telling a story in a different way. It may sound like a lot but I know I am capable. I believe everyday is a chapter in a book that has yet to be  written. While in Ireland, I plan to add a chapter to the book known as my life. As cliché as that sounds, going to Armagh is the perfect opportunity for me to embrace culture- I love learning about culture (my own as well as others) and to develop my passion- creating vivid stories for others to share and learn from. To be quite honest, this is going to be my first time on a plane and the first time I have left the country. I would also like to learn from other people’s story and share their talents with them. I enjoy travel, meeting new people,  and writing. Armagh will allow me to do all three.

I am a kid from Baltimore with semi-big dreams and very humble beginnings. For me, going to Armagh to develop my stories and share them with other people is a very big step for me and people like me. I am looking forward to seeing Ireland for the very first time and working with fellow writers and storytellers.

This blog will help me organize my thoughts because, as you can probably tell, I am a little long winded.  But I want to reflect on my thoughts no matter how long winded they are. I am a little nervous and overjoyed to have this opportunity and to work with other people who are creative and have a passion for what they love.


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